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The Heritage Trust has developed management plans for each of our nature preserves. Management plans are reviewed every five years and it is time to review the Otto Preserve Management Plan. As part of the review, the board would like to hear your comments on the existing plan. Comments may be submitted from October 1 – October 31. The Otto Preserve Management Plan is available at the Library and here on the website. Follow this link to submit a comment. Thank you!

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 Photo by Dal Neitzel

Photo by Dal Neitzel

 Photo by Ed Lowe

Photo by Ed Lowe

People, Dogs, Plants and Wildlife

A summertime reminder. Our nature preserve trails are busier than ever!

The Heritage Trust is responsible for managing 1,088 acres of treasured Lummi Island land and has an enormous responsibility to ensure safety for our visitors, protection of the sensitive ecological areas and wildlife, and fairness to every person who chooses to visit a Heritage Trust Preserve. We can’t be on site 24/7, so we depend on people like you to be respectful of the public access rules posted at the Preserves. You are a big part of this legacy of undeveloped, preserved land that we will leave for future generations. Thank you!

Please remember:
Otto Preserve – dogs on leash
Curry Preserve – dogs on leash
Baker Preserve – dogs not allowed

Learn more about how and why we make rules for the Preserves.

It's our anniversary!

Video by Ed Lowe

Celebrating 20 years of land conservation on Lummi Island! An eagle’s eye view of the lands we have protected. The Heritage Trust is preserving the forests, fields, wetlands and shorelines of Lummi Island ~ forever.

  August 21:  Aiston Preserve Tour