Thank You Pie Bakers
What a beautiful assortment of pies!

Thank you to everyone who took the time and energy to bake delicious treats for

the Picnic in the Preserve.


Huge Congratulations to our top 3 earning pies:

1st place - Taft Drive’s Terrific Torte baked by J. Perry

2nd place - Cheery Cherry Sunflower baked by Bri Steere

3rd place - Strawberry Rhubard All Fruit Double Crust baked by Dan Shadoan & Ann Lincoln


We Are All Scientists
Yep, Even You!

Newsflash friends – We all are Scientists! Or at least we all have the opportunity to get outside, get dirty, and contribute to scientific research. Across the country, and right here on Lummi Island, everyday folks are participating in citizen science projects, helping compile data and add to a growing body of research. The great news is anyone can participate. Whether you are a child or a senior, whether you have an academic background or not, with the right guidance, you can help out.

Are you interested in amphibians? There’s a citizen science project for that!
Do you love chasing after butterflies? There’s a project for that too!
How about birding? Citizen scientists are making a difference one bird sighting at a time!

The Heritage Trust has ongoing citizen science projects that monitor amphibians, identify birds, count trees, collate marine debris and inventory plants, mushrooms, lichens and other species that call Lummi Island home.

Scientific research can take a lot of time and energy, sometimes more than one scientist is able to give. Here is where you come in. Everyday folks are helping to bridge the gap between hypothesis and conclusion. It doesn’t take a ton of experience or tools. It just requires a willingness to participate and ability to follow instructions. Technology has made it even easier for people to record their everyday observations in a meaningful way - through apps like iNaturalist, eBird and Marine Debris Tracker.

Would you like to get involved ? Are you ready to become a citizen scientist? Call Katie at the Heritage Trust office 360-758-7997.
Here are a number of awesome organizations who actively hold citizen science projects: