The Aiston Preserve

Located on the southeast flank of Lummi Mountain, the property contains 105 acres of deep mossy forests and 4,000 feet of shoreline, with pocket beaches, eelgrass beds and Smugglers Cove. In recent years, a portion of the property was used as a rock quarry.

In 2013 the mining companies that owned the property filed bankruptcy and the property was placed into receivership. The receiver marketed the property for expanded mining and residential development.  Due to its extraordinary conservation value and local and regional significance, the Trust determined that permanent protection of the property was a high priority.

Following two years of patient, persistent negotiation and with the support of many generous donors, the Heritage Trust purchased the property in 2015. The Trust and its partners, Northwest Straits Foundation, The Rose Foundation, WA Department of Natural Resources, WA Department of Fish and Wildlife and Whatcom County, are now working to determine the best ways to re-vegetate the mined area with native plants and trees, restore about 500 feet of artificially armored shoreline and begin planning for future public access to the Aiston Preserve.

1033 Beach Avenue

The property is not open to the public at this time while we work to address safety and liability issues. At the current time you can experience this amazing property by signing up for a guided tour or volunteering for a work party (check out our Events page for dates). Please respect the limited access and know that we are working hard to create the Aiston Preserve.