Lummi Island Heritage Trust nature preserves are lands that are owned by LIHT.

While all of these lands are managed primarily as nature preserves, some are made accessible for low-impact public enjoyment. The Trust has taken on an enormous responsibility to ensure protection of sensitive ecological areas and wildlife, safety for our visitors, and fairness to every person who chooses to visit a Heritage Trust Preserve. The Preserve management plans are designed to protect plant and wildlife habitat in perpetuity (scroll down for links to management plans).

Please help us care for these special places by respecting our rules.

  • Our nature preserves are open only during daylight hours

  • Stay on the trails

  • Foot access only - no bicycles or motorized vehicles allowed

  • No foraging, please do not remove or disturb plants or wildlife

  • Respect our neighbors - No Trespassing on Private Property

  • Please do not litter - Leave No Trace

  • Dogs allowed on leash only at Otto & Curry Preserves - please dispose of your dogs waste

  • No dogs allowed at Baker Preserve (learn why here)

  • Fires, smoking, and alcohol are not permitted

  • No hunting or discharge of firearms or other weapons

  • No camping allowed

  • No Drones allowed

For Dog Lovers 

You are welcome to bring your leashed dog to the Otto Preserve and the Curry Preserve. Waste bags are provided near the kiosks, please clean up after your pet! The Baker Preserve is designated as part of the Statewide System of Natural Areas and is managed at a higher level of conservation for the rare native plant and wildlife habitat found on Lummi Mountain. Therefore, no dogs are allowed on the Baker Preserve (learn why here).

Many of our board members, donors and visitors are dog lovers, but the Trust’s rules about dogs at our nature preserves were made in support of our stewardship goals to manage the Preserves primarily for the benefit of native plants and wildlife - in perpetuity. We allow low-impact public use where appropriate. Read more about the July 2018 review of the 2009 Baker Preserve Advisory Committee recommendation to not allow dogs at the Baker Preserve and the reasoning for this rule. An interesting scientific review of the impacts of dogs on wildlife can be found here.

We understand people’s feelings of frustration when they cannot let their dogs run loose at the Otto and Curry Preserves and cannot take their dogs on the Baker Preserve trail, but we respectfully request that you honor the rules that have been made. Thank you.

Otto Preserve

3560 Sunrise Road (map)

The trailhead is beyond the parking lot. The main Loop Trail is a lovely walk through mature forest and is well protected in light rains due to many sheltering trees. The Loop Trail, together with the Baumgart Woods, Betty's Shortcut and Walden Walk side trails, are an easy 1.4 mile walk. Dogs on leash are allowed. The Heritage Trust offices and Resource Center are located at the entrance to the Otto Preserve. Maps and educational materials are available. Visitors are welcome during business hours.

Curry Preserve

2449 N Nugent Road (map)

Exploring the Curry Preserve is easy wandering on footpaths through the fields and forest. The Heritage Trust’s Curry Garden and orchard project is located near the entrance. Dogs on leash are allowed.

Baker Preserve

Seacrest Drive (map)

This is a vigorous hike up a steep, winding trail. The hike is 1.64 miles with a 1,060 foot elevation gain to an overlook with magnificent views of Rosario Strait and the San Juan Islands.

The Baker Preserve is the Heritage Trust's first controlled-access preserve. Due to the ecological sensitivity and sometimes, hazardous terrain, hikers are required to sign in at the trailhead before accessing the Baker Preserve trail. Dogs are not allowed. Page 12 of the Baker Preserve Management Plan summarizes the reasons for this rule.

Aiston Preserve

1033 Beach Avenue (map)

The property is not open to the public at this time while we work to address safety and liability issues. At the current time you can experience this amazing property by signing up for a guided tour or volunteering for a work party (check out our Events page for dates). Please respect the limited access and know that we are working hard to create the Aiston Preserve.