The Curry Preserve

Exploring the Curry Preserve is easy wandering on footpaths through the fields and forest. The Heritage Trust’s Curry Garden and orchard project is located near the entrance. Dogs on leash are allowed.


John and Ortha Curry came to Lummi Island in 1937 to work the reefnet fishery. They bought this property in 1951, when about 50 families lived on the island.

In 2002 the Heritage Trust purchased the 42 acre property, which could have been developed into 14 home sites. As part of the Curry project, seven neighboring landowners placed conservation easements on their private properties to protect an additional 58 acres of the surrounding landscape.

In 2008 the Heritage Trust had the opportunity to purchase a property that would expand the Curry Preserve. A neighboring landowner pledged to protect another 13 acres of private land with a conservation easement. Today, the 50 acre Curry Preserve is surrounded by an additional 71 acres of private conservation easement land.

The property is managed primarily as wildlife habitat and a place for people to experience nature. The historic agricultural use of the property is preserved in the Heritage Trust’s community garden and orchard located at the Curry Preserve.

John Curry wanted the Heritage Trust to succeed in purchasing and protecting his family’s land. He would be proud to know that his legacy of caring for this beautiful place will continue for generations to come.

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Edmund Lowe Photography

Edmund Lowe Photography