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"A happy story and a joke to tell"

Chuck Foster, along with his sister Sherry Harryman and brother Terry Foster, talks about visiting his great-uncle Homer Aiston at Smugglers Cove, now part of Aiston Preserve.



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"Because it is beautiful."

Margaret Curry remembers life on her family's land, now the Curry Preserve.

"Here I had a stroke of luck."

Terry Foster reads his great-uncle's article "A Small Dock Without Pilings" about the floating dock Homer Aiston built in Smugglers Cove. The article was published in the November 1946 issue of Pacific Motor Boat.

"They lived the life that I would have liked to have lived."

Sherry Harryman shares notes from her great-aunt and uncle, Peggy and Homer Aiston, about how they found Smugglers Cove in 1942. Most of their property is now Aiston Preserve.

"That was a wedding present from Kay and Lloyd"

Barbara Brock remembers Smugglers Cove during her visits to the Niedhamer's cabin, now part of the Aiston Preserve.

"People were so generous."

Jan Bonaparte celebrates her 90th birthday and 'Bing's Beach'—even though she's just 89. Together, Jan Bonaparte's family and friends raised $90,000 for the Aiston Preserve.

"A house washed up on the south beach."

Nancy Simmerman tells some of the Niedhamer's adventures while they lived on Abner Point.

"It meant something to somebody."

Ed Scott tells about the significance of Smugglers Cove at Aiston Preserve.