Hooray for Accreditation

Hooray! Lummi Island Heritage Trust has received renewal of its accreditation from the Land Trust Accreditation Commission. What does this mean?

Accreditation shows that LIHT is dedicated to demonstrating excellent work and upholding the highest standards and practices for land conservation.
During the renewal process we provided extensive documentation about our organization, our operations, and followed through on any highlighted areas for improvement. A comprehensive third-party evaluation confirmed our adherence to the most current standards for land trusts. By striving for excellence, we have strengthened our organization and increased our capacity.
Accreditation is a mark of distinction; one that shows local landowners we can be trusted. It shows our donors we are a smart investment for their generous gifts. It shows our constituents that we are dedicated to preserving the Nature of Lummi Island, now and forever.

People, Dogs, Plants and Wildlife

A summertime reminder. Our nature preserve trails are busier than ever!

Dogs 2.jpg
Photo by Dal Neitzel

Photo by Dal Neitzel

Photo by Ed Lowe

Photo by Ed Lowe

The Heritage Trust is responsible for managing 1,088 acres of treasured Lummi Island land and has an enormous responsibility to ensure safety for our visitors, protection of the sensitive ecological areas and wildlife, and fairness to every person who chooses to visit a Heritage Trust Preserve. We can’t be on site 24/7, so we depend on people like you to be respectful of the public access rules posted at the Preserves. You are a big part of this legacy of undeveloped, preserved land that we will leave for future generations. Thank you!

Please remember:
Otto Preserve – dogs on leash
Curry Preserve – dogs on leash
Baker Preserve – dogs not allowed

Learn more about how and why we make rules for the Preserves.