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The Buzz About Pollinators

Buzz, Buzz

Pollinators are the unsung hero of the spring season: the bees buzz about in their search for pollen, hummingbirds whiz and zip across the sky, and dusky evenings greet little brown bats as they snag their next meal. Humans rely on these critters more than we acknowledge. Every third bite of food that you take is courtesy of a pollinator. Fruits and vegetables like cherries, kale, pumpkins, and strawberries all depend on insects or animals to spread pollen from plant to plant. Without pollinators, many plants would no longer be able to reproduce and foods would eventually disappear including coffee, almonds and even chocolate!

Overall our pollinators are in a state of decline. Habitat loss and fragmentation, widespread pesticide use, parasites and disease are all challenges these hard workers face. Homes, buildings, and roadways replace the open fields and forests, which not only house pollinators but supply their native food sources. Many pollinators are migratory and rely on multiple landing sites along the way to feed and reproduce each year. Pesticide use on farms and home gardens threaten insect populations, effecting beneficial insects as well as pests.

The good news? It is easy to help out our pollinators, here are a few ideas:

  • Plant a pollinator garden – Use native plants, let the dandelions bloom!

  • Create habitat and nesting sites – Open a bug hotel!

  • Eliminate pesticides - Use non-toxic ways to manage pests in your garden!

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